Chanukya Rajagopala


IT Strategy Director, R & D, born in Bangalore has been based at Manchester, UK since 2000. Being part of early phase of IT emergence, Chanukya has experience of working for top FTSE companies like BT Cellnet, Capgemini, 3663(Bidvest), Selco BW and Assurant-Lifestyle Group. Having an educational background in Accounting and Finance, Chanukya had forged a highly successful career in IT sector where he has served for diverse segments of industry sectors, specialising in harnessing emerging technologies for developing new use cases.


He combines his Technological background to develop solutions for day to day needs in the community, charitable and conservation avenues across the world. His passion to serve the communities, has seen him involved in bringing community cohesion , support them and introduce developmental opportunities.


Chanukya Rajagopala’s multifaceted lead, exemplifies the transformative power of combining community engagement, charity, and commercial endeavors. His ability to bridge these different spheres reflects a holistic approach to leadership that prioritizes the greater good while also driving innovation and progress. In all his endeavors, Chanukya remains guided by a steadfast commitment to making the world a better place for present and future generations.

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