Unified Human Foundation is a unique charity and non-profit. We are a global curator of local NGO projects and initiatives.


The aim of UHF is to provide creative resources and financial support for existing NGOs, charities and non-profits.


Radical collaborations across the old and new are needed for communities to learn and exchange with one another. Technological equipment is available, which is portable, solar powered, software based and requiring only a couple of people. This technology is capable of quickly teaching diverse skills such as carpentry, plumbing, house building, maths, science etc. NGOs can be trained easily and cost effectively in how to use this equipment.

The goals of UHF are:

  1. To identify NGOs doing great work, who would do even greater work with more appropriate and focused resources.
  2. To identify companies with creative technological resources that would benefit these NGOs
  3. To create and monitor collaborations between the companies and NGOs.
  4. To support educational and awareness platforms for regeneration across the board.
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