Become a transformational environmental leader who
plays a key role in regenerating our planet!


Pillar #1

Highly-Curated and Targeted Education

  • Be efficient with your time by investing in understanding only the most relevant and significant issues facing our planet’s health
  • Add an extra layer of comprehension by accessing videos, articles, and case studies prepared by regenerative experts
  • Stay up to speed on current events so that you can lead others to make better choices

Pillar #2

Behind The Scenes Access To Our Partner Projects

  • Have a direct impact by sharing your ideas, insights, and creative strategies to make a unique difference in these projects
  • Hear directly from our partner nonprofit and NGO leaders about their impact theories, philosophies, and creative resources

Pillar #3

Elite Spiritual Development


  • Deepen your personal connection with nature and feel a renewed vibrancy for life
  • Gain prestigious access to Unified Human Foundation founder Dr. Sangeeta Sahi and some of her transformational spiritual practices

Pillar #4

Discounts on Future Unified Human Foundation Events


  • Mothership Earth Summit
  • Access to all expert presentation replays
  • Discounts for physical events organized by Unified Human Foundation and our partners
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