Unified Human Foundation (UHF) supports creative initiatives and projects which unify people with nature, and unifies people with each other in harmony, in peace and with respect.


UHF raises funds to provide technologies and skills that allow NGOs to develop and support communities and effect sustainable results in three main areas:


  1. To apply technologies to solve problems related to natural ecosystems, e.g. waste management and cleaning of waterways. To sustain life of the species living in these areas, as well as to provide food for communities that need these plants and fish to sustain themselves. To combat pollution in these water systems.
  2. To provide non-toxic solutions to health related problems, eg Alleviating nutritional deficiencies quickly and effectively using safe technologies, as well as nature-based solutions, e.g. Ayurvedic herbs and medicines able and proven to solve issues related to mental health, physical health and addictions related to drug abuse. In addition, providing educational training to the NGO members to do the same within their own communities in nutrition, hygiene and other solutions available in their own environments.
  3. To raise funds to increase awareness of these indigenous cultures and their heritage, e.g. creating films and multi media platforms globally, educating people in all parts of the world as to how these ancient cultures have shaped our world.

A good example lies in the artisan communities in India, Africa, South America, whose cultural, genetic knowledge and skills are engrafted in their arts.


NGOs working in these areas need to learn how to use new technologies and incorporate them to enhance their hand made arts, not for the new technologies to destroy and eradicate these ancient techniques.

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