Dave Abrahamsen


Dave Abrahamsen is an experienced Graphic Designer, User Interface and Experience Designer, Interactive Developer, and Marketing Professional based in Chicago, Illinois. For 15 years, Dave ran a boutique design firm working with clients in the arts, food & beverage, finance, insurance, medical, sports, education, and non-profits. His work with non-profits magnified his personal goals of wanting to make more impactful differences in local and global communities. On a similar trajectory, was one of his first and long-time clients, The Paramount Group. After a meaningful conversation with their founder and CEO, the next steps in his development became apparent.


For the past four years, Dave has been the Chief Marketing Officer for The Paramount Group, a parent company to various hospitality and lifestyle brands. These brands focus on providing culinary and service experiences that feed peoples’ souls through engagement, nourishment, and education. He is currently adding to his responsibilities as the Chief People Officer and a champion behind the current and future goals of the company, focusing on DEI (Diversity, Equality, and Inclusivity) and sustainability initiatives, involvement in supporting other local businesses, community organizations and non-profits, and employee wellness. Part of this initiative is to help implement these projects within the culture of other organizations – spreading positivity and community on a larger scale.


Dave is a lifelong learner, driven by curiosity and opportunities for connections with others.

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