Nicole Connors

Honorary Trustee


Nicole is a legal-market cannabis investor and dispensary owner since 2014. Her experience working with the executive teams of the Related Companies, a luxury high rise and mixed-use real estate developer, the executive teams of publicly traded companies and a commercial food manufacturer has honed her keen eye for detail and exacting standards.


Nicole is passionate about enacting change through education with a focus on inclusivity, social justice, and sustainability. “We have the opportunity to actually shape how this world harnesses all of its potential,” she says. “We can nurture inclusivity with an all hands-on deck mentality and ensure that the young minds of today are the leaders we want holding the reigns of our industries tomorrow. It’s thrilling to be a part of that.”


“Impeccable project execution is both art and science.” Her resourcefulness, strong collaboration skills and indomitable spirit have created successful project realization for Nicole.

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