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HRDS INDIA is a registered NGO that puts forward the agenda of Tribal Development in entirety. Since its inception, HRDS INDIA visualizes India free of social dogmas and disparity. The restoration of humanity and cultivation of the humane society is its chosen path. HRDS INDIA primarily focuses on uplifting the living standards of the oppressed, especially the Tribes. The initiation of several welfare projects across India has benefited many tribal families, including varied sectors like education, health, livelihood, and woman empowerment.


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Jouzour Loubnan (Roots of Lebanon)


Jouzour Loubnan (Roots of Lebanon) aims to protect existing woodland, restore degraded forest and ecosystems, victims of civil war and environmental neglect, and promote sustainable reforestation. Founded over ten years ago, the nonprofit has planted 325,000 native trees across 570 hectares (equal to 1408.5 acres) in Lebanon and created a seed bank laboratory. Jouzour Loubnan has also initiated green programmes for businesses and created awareness workshops for Lebanese youth and local municipalities.


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WILDCOAST, through its One Million Mangrove Mission, is restoring and conserving the mangrove forests of Mexico’s Pacific coast. WILDCOAST will work with local communities in the Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve, including Laguna San Ignacio, to plant 40,000 seedlings across 100 acres of lagoon shoreline. To date, WILDCOAST has planted 120,000 seedlings across 250 acres of shoreline in Laguna San Ignacio. This project will capture atmospheric carbon, enhancing habitat for birds, fish, and other wildlife, and employing local communities in a nature-based solution to climate change.


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the ecosystem


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You have so much more to offer the planet than you realize! Join Unified Human Foundation – The Ecosystem to receive the education and training you need to lead others to a more regenerative future.


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    thought leaders
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Our foundation has three interconnected and dynamic streams:


Environmental Regeneration

We support innovative physical projects and technologies which address specific concerns
such as waste recycling, microbiological cleaning of water, clean air, and other micro-environmentally specific concerns.




Health & Wellness

We support and provide access to natural, proven, and effective modalities to address health issues, from mental health to cancer. Modalities include nutritional therapy, dietary supplementation, Ayurveda, and other forms of natural care.




Cultural / Social Regeneration
& Education

We create and facilitate training for skills empowerment. These can range from training women to develop skills related to financial independence to film-making to raise awareness of specific communities and their arts, and through educational summits



Our Story


How Unified Human Foundation was Created


Founding Trustee, Dr Sangeeta Sahi, wanted to experience first hand the lives of people living in communities that were completely different from hers.


Being a posthuman medical doctor, international teacher and global traveller
provided her with the passport she required to discover organisations/institutions and communities and experience how their members live, work, play, communicate, care about and express themselves.


She has worked as a social volunteer with NGOs doing grass roots level work in India, Africa, and in the US in various fields and projects.


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