Jouzour Loubnan (Roots of Lebanon) aims to protect existing woodland, restore degraded woodland and ecosystems, victims of civil war and environmental neglect, and promote sustainable reforestation.



Since it was founded over ten years ago, the non-profit has planted 325,000 native trees across 570 hectares in Lebanon and created a seed bank laboratory. Jouzour Loubnan has also initiated green programmes for businesses and created awareness workshops for Lebanese youth and local municipalities.


Key to its work is awareness and involvement: Awareness of the importance of biodiversity and the involvement of local communities in the protection and management of planted forests.


With a team of over 20 people committed to it, Jouzour Loubnan is also tremendously active in research and development, aiming to create and communicate best practice in forestry.


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A Decade of Reforestation_Jouzour Loubnan Association

Since 2008, Jouzour Loubnan Association planted, nurtured and protected more than 300,000 native trees on more than 5.5 million sqm (540 hectares), in more than 20 regions across Lebanon.


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We’ve planted more than 320,000 native trees across Lebanon!
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