Ahu Buyukkusoglu Serter

Ahu Buyukkusoglu Serter   Ahu Buyukkusoglu Serter is a serial entrepreneur and investor. Empowered by her multipotentiality, as the second-generation business leader, she cultivated a dual transformation approach by encouraging new business lines, incentivizing intrapreneurship, and establishing a corporate venture capital arm. She is the founder of Fark Labs, a global innovation and transformation hub, [...]


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Quinn Ferrall

Quinn Ferrall   Quinn Ferrall is a native of the South Eastern United States currently living in Chicago. A Licensed Professional Engineer (PE), Registered Roofing and Waterproofing Consultant (RRC & RWC), and MBA he brings both technical savvy and human connection to his roles as a trusted advisor for the commercial construction industry as well [...]


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Glen Finkel

Glen Finkel   Glen Finkel is a NYC based entrepreneur and co-founder of 4 cleantech firms: clean air (www.pureti.com), clean energy (www.toledosolar-inc.com), clean water (www.aquomwater.com) and clean indoor farming (www.thesattvagroup.com). A former clinical psychologist, commercial fisherman, and footwear industry executive, Mr. Finkel has spent the last two decades curating and championing pollution reversing technologies that [...]


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Dave Abrahamsen

Dave Abrahamsen   Dave Abrahamsen is an experienced Graphic Designer, User Interface and Experience Designer, Interactive Developer, and Marketing Professional based in Chicago, Illinois. For 15 years, Dave ran a boutique design firm working with clients in the arts, food & beverage, finance, insurance, medical, sports, education, and non-profits. His work with non-profits magnified his [...]


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Brian Ford

Brian Ford   Brian’s life purpose is to help bridge the opportunity gap. Coming from an affluent background and receiving many opportunities to succeed has been a major catalyst for his development and pursuit of happiness. Out of appreciation and acknowledgment of that, Brian’s goal is to do as much as he can to provide [...]


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Julia Petrini

Julia Petrini   Diligence, reliability, creativity, innovation, and understanding of true customer service are all qualities that have been associated with Ms. Petrini throughout her extensive career in operations, marketing and communications. Julia is a versatile executive with extensive domestic and international experience in store openings, staffing, training and staff development. She has a unique [...]


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Dr. Sangeeta Sahi

Dr. Sangeeta Sahi - MBBS, MBA Founder   Dr. Sangeeta Sahi is an Integrative Medical Doctor, born in New Delhi, raised in London. After completing her medical training she continued her studies and work in the fields of nutrigenomics, epigenetics, PsychoNeuroEndocrinoImmunology (PNEI), as well as collaborating with quantum physicists and biophysicists in disease origin and [...]


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